The purpose of the Leo Club Presentation Contest is to provide an opportunity for Leos to demonstrate their public speaking skills and to showcase their club’s activities and accomplishments.

Each Leo Club can make up to two presentations, and each presentation can be presented by one or two Leos. Each presentation should last between 8-10 minutes. Presentations will be evaluated based on the attached rubric.

The presentations can focus on your Leo Club or on a specific project. Presentations focusing on your Leo Club should cover the following topics:

1. Club overview
2. Key activities
3. Challenges faced by the club
4. Future club goals
5. Ideas to share with other clubs

Presentations focusing on a project should cover the following topics:

1. Description of project
2. Issue addressed/service provided
3. Impact of the project
4. Lesson learned

Please prepare a one-page summary handout of your presentation.

Download the PDF HERE!