Queens Centennial Lions Club

Dear Leos, Lions, and Friends:
I would like to welcome you to our website. The USA/Canada Leo Leadership Foundation was started during 2016/2017 with the purpose to organize the 1st USA/Canada Leo Leadership Forum. Around the world Leo Forums are very common in which seminars, service projects, and fun activities happen for Leos to learn from one another and network while having fun with their peers. That is why a group of passionate Lions and Leos took the challenge to start this organization. We are working hard to further develop this forum into a event in which our Leos will look forward to attending year after year.
During our 1st Forum held in Long Island, New York; 35 Leos from all over the United States and even abroad (Panama, Costa Rica, and Suriname) attended. Our Guest of Honor, 1st International Vice President Gudrun Yngvadottir was received at the airport by our Leos in attendance. It was great to see their joy while they waited for her to arrive. Leos and Lions experienced seminars offered by seasoned Lions/Leos in the areas of Conflict Resolution, Officer Training, Fundraising, Time Management, Social Media, and How to form a Leo Club. As part of the fun portion of the program. Our Leos got a chance to get a VIP tour of NYC City Hall provided to us with the support of NYC Council Member Daniel Dromm. A training was later provided at the United Nations by UN Women on the Sustainable Development goals. It was great to listen our Leos talking about world issues with UN representatives. They really seem concerned in doing more to make their communities much better after this workshop at the United Nation. 
Our Leo Leadership Forum was also happy to form the 1st USA/Canada Leo Council in which VP Yngvadottir installed into their role at the closing plenary gala. These Leos will be working alongside Lions to develop the next program for the 2018 Forum. I encourage Leos and Lions to attend our 2018 Forum that will take place in Westchester, New York. We are working hard to make it an experience that Leos will never forget.